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3rd Annual Curriculum Bootcamp 

June 28-29, 2021
Regalia Hotel
Lake of the Ozarks

Summer will be a perfect time for you to gather your colleagues and join us for our 3rd Annual Curriculum Bootcamp.  The purpose of this one and half day study is to dive into the four core content areas of ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies.  We will review the DESE Priority Standards and other very important documents for effective use and clarification.  Content specialists will join us as we use a variety of formats, rubrics, and other helpful resources to review, organize and begin the writing process. The goal is finish with a strong sense of what curriculum should contain to make it stand the test of equity, depth, rigor, and quality.  Gather a building team or come on your own and join your content colleagues. Bring all your written curriculum, a positive attitude, and the determination to leave with a plan for finishing the work to its logical conclusion. 

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Science Foundational Curriculum Update

The SMCAA Science Curriculum Frameworks will be updated with essential questions and big ideas for ALL grade level units and posted on the SMCAA Members Only Site by June 28.  We will also be posting a framework for Biology at the same time.  We encourage you to visit the site and attend the SMCAA Bootcamp for highlights and updates. 

Annual Quality Curriculum Retreat: Creating Curriculum Without Reinventing the Wheel!

July 18-20, 2021
Old Kinderhook Lodge
Camdenton, Missouri

    With good teaching comes some form of planning, lessons, maps, pacing guides, units, assessments, or other documents used to execute instruction.  During this annual event we will introduce simple steps that will make it easier to complete the process of curriculum development no matter where you enter the process.  Come and join your colleagues from across the state as we organize and use what documents you currently have in place to finish up your complete curriculum.  No need to reinvent the wheel!

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    Instructional Leadership:  Building Academic Confidence and Credibility as a School Administrator

    July 28-29, 2021

    Old Kinderhook Lodge
    Camdenton, Missouri

    Got Instructional Leaders?  Want to Build Some Up?  Join your district and building level leaders from across the state as we delve into what makes an Instructional Leader and how to create and maintain credibility in leadership.  This would be a perfect team building get-away for district and/or building leaders to set their vision and goals in Instructional Leadership for the coming school year.  It’s been a while since you have been out and learning with your colleagues in like positions, discussing what is important in education today. 

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    2021 - 2022 Membership Drive

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    SMCAA is a state-wide non-profit curriculum support association. Its mission is to provide support to member school districts for the development, implementation, and evaluation of local curriculum aligned to state adopted standards and designed to support student achievement. Funding for the association comes largely from membership. Therefore, when we say, “We are only as strong as our membership”… We really mean it!

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    Reminder: SMCAA membership runs from July 1 to June 30 each year. You may register now for your district 2020 – 2021 membership. Districts may choose Bill Now or Delay Billing until after July 1.

    • BYOC users must keep SMCAA membership current to qualify for the SMCAA discount for both initial purchase and renewals. Stay current by registering for membership on or before July 1 annually.
    • As part of maintaining the SMCAA member discount, multi-year BYOC subscription districts are responsible for renewing membership annually. Districts may choose to submit membership for the full term of their multi-year subscription by contacting our office at 573-635-2299.



    BYOC News

    Now is the time to begin planning late spring and summer Build Your Own Curriculum (BYOC) work. BYOC ensures that your district curriculum is used with fidelity. It helps align curriculum to state standards. District staff can analyze curriculum and address issues raised in district and state assessments. BYOC makes it easier for planning and delivery of instruction. With BYOC, your district curriculum can be transparent at multiple levels and all students experience the same path, regardless of teacher or building.

    Contact Roblyn Melton at for training needs or if you are interested in adding BYOC to your district.

    April Tip's of the Month

    Did you know that when you create an activity in BYOC you can attach many different types of files to support the activity? This includes, but is not limited to: Google Drive documents, PDFs, PowerPoint, YouTube, and even an MP3 file. We once had an elementary teacher add MP3 files to her activity so show the music her students sing along to during her lessons. What a great way to add enriching content to an activity!

    Have you ever used the Priority Standards option when putting your curriculum into BYOC? This button is located in the Administration Functions/Standards options.  If it was not set up when you configured your BYOC setup, it can easily be added by making a quick call to 800-596-0735 or just clicking on the support tab and sending an email.  Then the system administrator can go in and mark priority standards which will show up as bolded in all of your reports.  It will also allow you to pull up the Power Standards Utilization by Course report which gives you a list by course, unit and topic of the total standards vs. the other standards as well as time spent on each.  A great option to use as many districts are identifying priority standards and DESE is finalizing their list.  If you have any questions, contact Roblyn Melton at 

    Click here to see how BYOC can assist you in meeting the new MSIP 6 standards

    February 2021 EUpdate

    BYOC Referral Program

    You are our best sales staff.  There is nothing we enjoy more than hearing from a new district that they heard about us from one of our existing clients.  Like any company, continually adding new districts is key to our success.  As such, we would like to reward you, our best sales staff.  For any new district referred by you that joins the BYOC network, we will reduce your district’s next renewal by $250.  There is no limit on the number of districts you can refer.

    In order to qualify as a referral, the new district must inform us of who referred them prior to being configured. Each new district can only be referred by one existing district.

    Thanks in advance for your kind words, we are constantly humbled when we get your feedback.

    Success Story: Hear directly from teachers, principals and administrators how BYOC has changed their approach to curriculum and improved communication, lesson planning and assessment district-wide. Gasconade R-1 Preparing a Lifelong Learners

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    Attend an Upcoming Webinar

    Webinar 1 - Introduction to BYOC: Unified and Effective Curriculum and Instruction

    We will explain the philosophy behind the software and walk you through a live demonstration of BYOC, focusing on our core product features of curriculum and instruction management.

    Webinar 2 - BYOC+: The Curriculum-Driven Classroom

    If you are a current BYOC customer, or if you have already attended the Introduction to BYOC webinar, we invite you to join us. During this session, we will explore the classroom management and assessment management features in the BYOC+ edition that enhance the curriculum management of our standard BYOC edition.