Mission + Vision

The Show-Me Curriculum Administrators Association (SMCAA) exists to provide support and training for Missouri school leaders in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment. We believe Curriculum is the “fulcrum” of our work, and that a strong curriculum will provide the clarity necessary for quality teaching and learning. In addition, we focus on the training and development of school administrators and curriculum support personnel as Instructional Leaders and Curriculum experts.

SMCAA is dedicated to identifying and sharing successful curriculum and instructional strategies and providing a networking framework for all school leaders working with curriculum.

Becoming a member of SMCAA is an investment in student achievement that includes foundational curricula, resource ideas, and practical training in all areas of teaching and learning.

SMCAA Motto:  Supporting Leaders in Curriculum and Instruction Since 1998

Goals for 2022-2023:

  • Provide support and training (virtually, regionally, and individually) to prepare districts for what they will need to have ready in curriculum, instruction, and accountability for MSIP 6. (Viable written curriculum)
  • Build district/membership capacity in writing quality learning targets and aligned assessments. 
  • Provide additional support to district curriculum directors by providing a template for a curriculum handbook to align with MSIP 6 and to provide direction for curriculum writing. 
  • Provide content area support to districts as they write, review and revise curriculum. 
  • Continue the series of free training opportunities in specific instructional areas we see as necessary and valuable to members.
  • Provide support and training to districts as they move towards providing more equity and access for their students.
  • Stay in contact and focused on districts, be available and provide positive problem-solving as needed.