EMBARC (formerly BYOC) Virtual User Group Meetings

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The following webinars have been designed to address questions and concerns that EMBARC districts or potential user districts may have about the EMBARC system.  All webinars are free and are scheduled from 8:30-9:30 and registration is through the SMCAA system.  We look forward to seeing you all at one or all of the following: 


September 8: Updates for the New School Year

                EMBARC has made many new updates since our last user group meetings in 2021.  Join us for this one-hour webinar as we discuss some of the most important updates.    EMBARC has many new updates to help teachers streamline their use of the curriculum system and their Google Classroom suite.  There will also be additional updates discussed as well as demonstrations of where these are in the system, including reports and help features. 

Updates for the New School Year Presentation Handout

Webinar Recording

Learning Target and Standard Alignment Tools and Tricks

Public Site Options

How to Publish/Unpublish on the Public Site



October 12 Publishing on the Public Site and a review of other administrator functions

                As we move into a time where transparency of curriculum is essential for maintaining relationships between districts and parents and community members, EMBARC has the answer.  Join us as we discuss and demonstrate how the process of publishing the parts of the curriculum you would like to share is accomplished.  We will also address other questions system administrators might have during this session.

SMCAA User Group Meeting Handout Session II

Webinar Recording


An overview of EMBARC - Will reschedule in Spring 2022

                Many districts have new staff members who may not be familiar with EMBARC and how to use the program.  Join us as we give an overview of the system, including how to set up courses, establish units and topics, the development of learning targets and the most useful reports for teachers and building administrators.