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Senator taking aim at Missouri Teacher Tenure

The fact that Missouri voters defeated Amendment 3 by more than a
three-quarters margin has not deterred state Senator Ed Emery, R- Lamar, from filing a bill to totally eliminate Teacher Tenure. SB 27, which he filed ahead of the 2015 legislative session that begins January 7, doesn’t simply eliminate teacher tenure. It also would require districts to base a teacher’s pay on his or her students’ performance and grade individual schools, including charter schools, on the student body’s performance, creating what he calls a
“three-legged stool” of education reform. Senator Emery filed similar legislation last year that was never heard on the Senate floor.

Under current Missouri law, public school teachers are eligible to receive tenure after five years of teaching in a school district. This is not an automatic right. Teachers must be recommended to the local Board of Education by district administration based on five years of evaluation. After teachers receive tenure, districts have to warn them if they are deemed deficient and procedures must be put in place to try and resolve any problems. To fire a teacher, districts must file written charges detailing the grounds. Teachers can request a public hearing with the school board and appeal the decision. The retention or release is based on the decision of the locally elected school board.

It is obviously, time for Missouri educators to once again contact their legislators! Even though Lawmakers have failed in earlier attempts to change Missouri’s tenure laws, we cannot now become complacent regarding this important issue!

  1. See Post-Dispatch coverage:  Missouri state senator files bill to eliminate teacher tenure ...  › …  › Local  › Government & Politics


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