USATestprep Now Offers Liftoff for Adaptive Intervention – Grades 2-8

May 13, 2021

Liftoff for Adaptive Intervention – Grades 2-8 now available

“Learning loss” may go down as 2021’s most used phrase by educators. And with good reason–more than half of public school K-12 teachers said the pandemic resulted in a “significant” learning loss for students (Source: 

While the Missouri Progress platform from USATestprep offers customized remediation for all levels of learners, we’ve added an exciting new tool to our instructional arsenal: Liftoff! 

What Is Liftoff?

Liftoff is an adaptive intervention program that targets specific academic standards in vertical alignment for math and reading that have occurred due to learning loss and recovers those academic gaps. Liftoff supports elementary and middle school students (grades K-8).

How Does Liftoff Work?

Liftoff recovers learning loss that has occurred by finding the student’s learning level through a diagnostics assessment. When students complete their My Diagnostics in Liftoff, each student is provided an individualized learning plan called My Galaxies. My Galaxies supports students in math and reading to begin working on foundational standards and skills that students have not mastered in vertical alignment. (Watch the video.)

Why Does Liftoff Work?

Liftoff motivates students to answer questions correctly and to master topics by providing both instant and long-term rewards. Liftoff builds student engagement through exciting and fun Alien Ranking levels, avatars, rockets, and games! 

A Few More Fun Facts

  • Aligned to state standards
  • Dynamic reports for accurate progress monitoring
  • Spanish language support
  • Text to speech
  • NWEA MAP integration
  • Google Classroom integration
  • Personalized assignments and assessments
  • Reinforced and scaffold learning with Alien Explanations

We’re excited to offer the combination of the Progress platform plus Liftoff to ensure that we are giving teachers the tools they need to reach every learner, at every level. Plus, the data insights in both platforms measure exactly when and how real learning is taking place, so you’ll know it’s working.

A free 30 day trial of the Missouri Progress platform is available at Guided walkthroughs of the platform and Liftoff are available by calling us at 877-377-9537, emailing us at, or signing up for a free demo at Existing customers interested in Liftoff should contact Kelly Irwin at