Using Curriculum Improvement Cycles to Enhance Curriculum Writing

Sometimes, when it comes to curriculum writing, you have to stop…reflect…and rethink what you are doing and what has been done. The curriculum we write should not only benefit our teachers, both present and those to enter our districts later, but should also be written to meet the needs of our students, community, and DESE mandates.

This training will explore how a Curriculum Improvement Cycle can not only help you write a guaranteed and viable curriculum, but also help ensure that it is written in a way to benefit the students. We will start the training by taking a look at why we even bother worrying about having a written curriculum, then we will dive into the five steps of a Curriculum Improvement Cycle: Evaluate & Diagnose; Prioritize & Set Goals; Develop and Plan; Curriculum Writing; and Implement and Monitor. By going through the process, individuals will walk away with the knowledge needed to know where to either start or where to head next in their curriculum writing and implementation journey.

Target Audience: Curriculum Directors, Administrators, or lead teachers assigned to the duty of overseeing curriculum writing.

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