Curriculum Director Training Level II – WEBINAR – April 23rd

So, the curriculum is written, but what now? How do we know it is working? What do we do now? How do we evaluate our curriculum? This advanced workshop takes the information from Curriculum Director Training Level I and goes beyond the classroom to looking at the curriculum from an outside view. Major focus topics covered in CD Level II include the following:

  • The importance of consistent shared vocabulary
  • A deeper look at the Five Standards of Curriculum Evaluation
  • The need for Curriculum Handbooks and District Assessment plans
  • Reviewing data to understand the impact of your curriculum
  • The collaborative process and its role in curriculum
  • Working with a curriculum evaluation rubric

All of these items and more will be discussed as we collaborate and learn from each other during Curriculum Director Training Level II

Target Audience: Curriculum Directors, Administrators, or lead teachers assigned to the duty of overseeing curriculum writing.

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