Curriculum Director Training Level I — WEBINAR — April 22nd

Curriculum Director: easy to say, harder to define. What is a curriculum director? What do they do? Ask 10 districts this question and you will get 15 different answers. Oftentimes thrown into a large melting pot with other duties, the role of Curriculum Director can become muddled with uncertainty as to what the job entails. Come join us for this workshop as we dig into the skills and knowledge needed in creating a guaranteed, viable, and credible curriculum; along with tools to build instructional leadership and the importance of vertical alignment. The major focus topics which will be explored during this workshop include the following:

  • What the Job Entails and the Role of Instructional Leadership
  • Creating a Guaranteed, Viable and Credible Curriculum
  • The Five Standards of Curriculum Evaluation
  • Ensuring a Comprehensive Written Curriculum
  • The Importance of Vertical Alignment and Vertical Conversations
  • Types of Assessments and How to Choose the Best Fit

Come join us and your fellow curriculum folks from across the state as we look at the essential basics needed to fulfill your role as a Curriculum Director in your district!

Target Audience: Curriculum Directors, Administrators, or lead teachers assigned to the duty of overseeing curriculum writing.

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