SMCAA Central Region Group Meeting Minutes

April 18, 2024

SMCAA encourages each region to meet monthly with their other regional members. The Central Region group is SMCAA’s largest networking group in Missouri. If you are interested in getting a networking group together in your region, please do not hesiate to contact Julie Riley at .

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Additional Information Shared after the meeting.

It was great being able to visit with you all face-to-face once again! During the meeting, the question came up regarding teacher-prep programs at universities teaching the LETRS philosophy and the Science of Reading. During the February 2023 State Board of Education Meeting the State Board approved amendments to the certification requirements of elementary education (and other certification areas). The elementary one can be seen by clicking here:  These are to take place after August 1, 2025, so it will be another few years before you see the affects of it, depending on how quickly universities change their programs.

Part of the new emphasis is on Content Knowledge for Teaching and Teaching and Learning Strategies. At a minimum, the teaching method competencies are to include a minimum of 12 semester hours addressing: phonological and phonemic awareness; phonics; fluency; vocabulary; reading comprehension; reading difficulties; literacy curriculum and instruction; literacy assessment; application of assessment data; writing instruction; family & community literacies & partnerships; and student engagement in literacy. Some of this was required for students graduating before August 1, 2025, but there is a slight change in the the literacy expectations that does make it align more with the SOR.

Similar updates were made for the early childhood certification requirements. The middle school certification changes adds a component that specifically states the coursework must address the core components of reading, including phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, morphology, syntax, and vocabulary.  At the secondary level, they kept the methods of teaching reading and writing in content area topic, and added a Secondary Literacy component.

 Al Richardson

SMCAA Professional Learning Coordinator