foundation curriculum

The Vision:  To provide a pathway of equal access to a base or foundational curriculum for all SMCAA member districts as a value-added resource and that will be provided for members at no extra cost. All students are required to take the same state assessment, yet their schools may not have access to a general curriculum to assist teachers for clarity in instructional delivery.  This framework is not meant to be a final version and is not presented as such.  It is a strong and thorough beginning that will be introduced as a “springboard” to each district’s work to personalize their own curriculum to meet their particular community and students’ needs.

The Curriculum:  The Foundational Curricula are a basic organized and articulated set of documents that provides the foundation for your Mathematics and Science.  They are living documents, meant to be reviewed and adjusted by the school district curriculum and instructional teams to meet your teachers’ and students’ needs.  It can also be used right away to begin instruction if you have no written or organized curriculum or are in the process of writing.  Those with access to a written curriculum can compare your documents with the Foundational Curricula to affirm your work.

The SMCAA Curriculum Frameworks for Math and Science Access

The SMCAA  Curriculum Frameworks have been updated with essential questions and big ideas for K-8 science and math as well as HS Algebra 1 and Biology. The frameworks and the documents that support them are posted on the SMCAA Members Only Site.  Please let us know if we can help your district with using these frameworks while developing your curriculum.