Mission & Vision

The Show-Me Curriculum Administrators Association will provide support to member school districts for the development, implementation, and evaluation of local curriculum which is aligned to the Missouri Show-Me Standards and that results in enhanced student achievement.

 SMCAA is dedicated to identifying and sharing successful curriculum and instructional strategies, and providing a networking framework for all administrators working with curriculum.

 Membership in SMCAA will provide you and your district with:

  • A curriculum voice to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).
  • A resource base and common structure to help meet MSIP requirements.
  • A quarterly newsletter, Curriculum Review, which provides timely information about curriculum, instruction, and assessment issues.
  • Opportunities to network with other "curriculum people" in your region and across the state.
  • A reduced registration fee to attend SMCAA’s regional meetings and statewide conferences.
  • A reduced fee for curriculum revision and data analysis workshops presented in your district by SMCAA.

Membership in SMCAA is a "district" membership as opposed to an individual membership and is based on the size of each district. An Associate Membership is available to those organizations, private schools or individuals not affiliated with a public school district.

The examples stated above identify just a few ways how membership in SMCAA will help your school district. Your membership will also strengthen SMCAA. Member districts are asked to share their successes at statewide and regional meetings. The strength of our voice depends on the size of our membership. If you want to be a part of a group that deals with "real school problems" you should consider joining SMCAA.

Becoming a member of the Show-Me Curriculum Administrators Association is an investment in curricular improvement that includes model materials and the expertise of curriculum administrators statewide. It is an investment that will last as long as achievement and learning are important parts of an education.