Regional Training

SMCAA Region Workshop Hosting

SMCAA will bring training to you!  In an effort to meet your learning needs in a way that can assist you with time and budget, SMCAA will now be delivering select training's in various regions across the state. If you and your colleagues would like to plan a training in your area, please email me at

Curriculum Development: 

We provide a full range of curriculum development opportunities including standards review, unpacking and prioritizing standards, pacing guides, unit maps, unit writing and assessments.  In addition, we assist districts in curriculum review, evaluation and rewrite. 


Instructional Leadership:

We have created a series of ongoing learning opportunities in the five researched areas of instructional leadership:

  • Possess a general knowledge and understanding of curriculum scope and sequence with a specific focus on standards, pacing guide, and fidelity to the written product.
  • Recognize and be able to discuss issues related to effective instruction and instructional strategies and techniques.
  • Perform effective instructional evaluation including walk through observation and teacher evaluation and the difference between the two.
  • Analyze various forms of data in a general way with a focus on instructional trends and the development of a discussion base (data review, pre/post, tasks and scenarios)
  • Give and receive effective and honest feedback that targets improvement that includes affirmation and direction for positive change (verbal and written, group and individual)

These are presented throughout the year and done in two days each (Level One and Level Two).


Program Evaluation:

This one-day learning opportunity will provide a step-by-step process in skills and techniques in data gathering and analysis for the purpose of evaluating the effectiveness of specific initiatives or programs. This process is based on Joellen Killion’s work on evaluation of professional learning.  Support through the process is offered on an as needed basis.


Champion Teaching:

This series is based on the book and study guide by Doug Lemov:  Teach Like a Champion 2.0, and focuses on specific instructional techniques (Fabulous Five) in instructional management, lesson planning and execution (Super Seven).  This is presented using the idea of “Ethos” (culture and environment).  This is a two-day series and includes an administrative component on how to start a champion teaching initiative in a building/district.

SMCAA has a full calendar of professional learning for curriculum directors, building and district administrators and teacher leaders. We also provide a fall conference and winter symposium.