Core Processes & Development - Webinars

Registered webinar attendees will receive a recording of the session 24 hours after it has concluded.

Time: 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Lunch Break:  11:30 - 12:30

SMCAA Member Fee: $130.00 per training
Non-Member Fee: $160.00 per training

If you are a member district and interested in purchasing 3 trainings for $100 each please email for additional information. 

SMCAA Graduate Credit - Lindenwood - One day training


Leading Effective Classroom Discussions 

Effective and productive classroom discussion gives students the environment to invent, create, imagine, take uncomfortable risks, and struggle to find deeper meanings.  Join us as we discuss how to integrate guiding questioning, talk moves, scaffolded questions, and driving question boards into instructional practices. This webinar is perfect for instructional coaches, lead teachers and classroom teachers alike.  This webinar can also be tailored for in district presentations.

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2022-2023 Dates TBA


Developing Aligned Assessments 

A quality assessment should clearly assess the chosen standard.  This training will include the process for writing a quality assessment with samples. We will also practice with Missouri Learning Standards.

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2022-2023 Dates TBA

Curriculum Director Training Level I 

This workshop will provide information on the specific skills needed as a Curriculum Director, along with all the possible responsibilities that may be attached to it.  These could include professional learning, Title services, and/or instructional technology, to name a few. This workshop is designed to assist you in knowledge and skill development needed in creating and maintaining a sound curriculum; along with tools to build instructional leadership in your administrators and teachers. Here are some of the areas we will begin to explore:

  • Elements of Effective Curriculum
  • Assessments – various formative examples along with summative
  • Alignment and articulation
  • Review of Curriculum terms/vocabulary
  • Other responsibilities and how they fit in the big picture
  • Current issues related to our work including MSIP 6 and others

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August 2, 2022 - Virtual


 Curriculum Director Training Level II

Come and join us for an interactive conversation with like professionals as we wade through how to best handle the everyday work of the Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment leader. We will review and discuss the most current issues related to our work along with new strategies on how to stay focused on “the main thing”: teaching and learning. Below is an example of what will come up during our day together:

  • Planning for MAP/EOC through rigorous formative assessment
  • Curricular revisions in light of the new assessment (standards, expectations, revisions, alignment and articulation)
  • Professional learning focus for your staff
  • Instructional Leadership: A MUST
  • Juggling the work and staying sane

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August 3, 2022 Virtual

 Instructional Observation for District Leaders

Join us for this one-day overview on a proven effective process on instructional observation for principals, coaches and any other district position that is responsible for teacher observation and evaluation.  We will review and step-by-step process of what to look for when observing for classroom management, culture, instructional preparation, differentiation, and quality.  We will also discuss a process for the observation of curriculum fidelity to ensure equity of access for all students. This is a day to learn new skills and to approach observation differently.

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2022-2023 Dates TBA


Situational Feedback for District Leaders

What is situational feedback?  How is this feedback different than feedback you have given teachers in the past?  How can you use situational feedback to promote instructional quality, to increase desired instructional behaviors and track curriculum fidelity? How does questioning play a part in the skill of instructional change?  We will answer these questions and more in this one-day overview for those responsible for teacher observation, coaching, and evaluation.  Come and learn a new way of providing feedback and responding to staff regarding feedback.


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2022-2023 Dates TBA

Developing a Strong Science Curriculum
Missouri has adopted rich, deep and powerful learning standards for science. They are much different from the old GLE's. This change in standards require a new look at how we develop science curriculum, plan instructional units, develop and use assessments.  We will examine the SMCAA Science Curriculum Frameworks and how to use these to revise your science curriculum. We will also look at the importance of using the three-dimensional approach to science instruction and look at multiple examples of successful implementation. Join your colleagues from across the state as we focus on quality Science teaching and learning.  

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April 12