SMCAA provides a variety of professional development opportunities focused around creating and effectively implementing quality curriculum and instruction. Types of professional development provided include:


  • Core Process and Development  Professional development that focuses on the core elements of curriculum development is critical in providing developers the tools to effectively build a sustainable curriculum.  SMCAA uses a systemic approach in working with districts and provides an array of sessions to support the needs of the participating district.  Sessions include work on creating effective vertical teams, curriculum alignment and implementation,  development of appropriate assessments, data analysis, and other essential components. Sessions are usually content focused and require teachers and administrators to work in a vertical team environment in creating curriculum products.


  •  Institutes  Institutes provide participants with intense and in-depth experiences on research-based curriculum issues. Recent institutes have focused around the development and implementation of formative assessments and advanced work for curriculum directors. These institutes are usually held in different regions of the state throughout the year with enrollment open to all schools and districts.


  • Summer Opportunities  SMCAA hosts a number of summer professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators.  These sessions come in a variety of formats and  usually vary each summer to allow educators to pursue learning outside the busy school schedule. Summer sessions are intense and usually allow participants to work with educators from other school districts.


  •  Customized Services   Many times districts need to provide their staff with professional development to address specific needs.  The staff at SMCAA will develop sessions to accomplish the desired outcomes and provide the support to meet the identified objective. Examples of past work includes the development of textbook evaluations, planning of book studies, and assessment development.  SMCAA is prepared to accommodate a wide variety of needs and brings extensive experience to support its membership. 


  • Long term  A long term plan is the most effective way to create a positive systemic change within a district.  Professional development, focused and given over time, is the most powerful way to provide quality training and sustainable support to educators.  SMCAA will work with districts to develop a long-term plan that provides professional development experiences for an extended period of time based upon identified needs and outcomes.