Customized Services


SMCAA will customize any workshops/trainings offered to meet the needs of individual districts and will present any of the sessions in-district if desired. SMCAA will also present any of the workshop/training sessions in regions where several districts wish to combine resources to bring a presenter to a given area of the state. Please contact Dr. Janie Pyle to discuss details.



Subject Area Curriculum Review


Using a systems approach, SMCAA has developed a review process that examines various facets that may impact successful curriculum implementation. The process includes review of a variety of written materials, discussions with teacher focus groups, discussions with parents, an analysis of MAP and other assessment data, review and correlation of adopted texts, and classroom observations.

A consultant will be on-site in the district for three days to gather needed data. Analysis of the data and information gathered will be conducted and the district will be provided an objective and in-depth reflection of the current status of their curriculum system.  A detailed written report with findings, reviewer analysis, and key points for consideration will be provided.




 Contact: SMCAA at 573-635-2299 for additional information