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Missouri Learning, Engagement and Preparation (MO LEAP) Resources

by Julie Knernschield | Sep 01, 2020

Research tells us—and DESE’s Task Force for Learning Acceleration agrees—that the return to learning in fall 2020 should focus on grade-appropriate, standards-aligned instruction with supports for individual student’s learning gaps, not on across-the-board remediation. Built to address this need and with Missouri’s performance expectations in mind, MO LEAP has two categories, Assessments and Blocks.


MO LEAP Assessments help teachers understand the progress that students made on the prior year’s standards and prepare for success. They are non-accountability assessments available for a single administration after school starts in the fall. The assessments do not have to be administered in their entirety.  Results and feedback will be available shortly after administration, so MO LEAP Assessments provide student-specific information that can guide immediate decision making and yearlong planning. Contact assessment@dese.mo.gov for more information or visit the MO LEAP website.


MO LEAP Blocks are instructional resources for teachers that support accelerated learning in the classroom. They are made up of diverse and complex texts aligned to grade-level standards coupled with flexible tasks and enrichment options. MO LEAP Blocks may be used as a whole, in parts, or integrated separately into instruction. They function equally well when used by individual teachers or teams of teachers. See a sample MO LEAP Block.  Contact curriculum@dese.mo.gov for information about MO LEAP Blocks.


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