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Need Help with MSIP prep? Let BYOC Help!

by Julie Knernschield | Mar 25, 2020

With MSIP 6 rules to come out the summer, we at SMCAA want you to be ready to meet the challenges this new accreditation process will require.  As you continue your work toward organizing and building your curriculum, you have options on how to build and store your curriculum electronically.  If  you are just beginning your journey and are interested in a program built specifically to assist you in creating and maintaining a strong, accessible and useable curriculum, you should consider the Build Your Own Curriculum (BYOC) program. 

BYOC can help a district meet the MSIP 6 standards in multiple ways.  It also is strongly aligned to the Written Curriculum Audit Tool contained in our State’s ESSA plan.  Click here to see how BYOC can assist you in meeting the new MSIP 6 standards.

SMCAA is here to answer your questions and to assist you with any and all of your curriculum work.  If we can assist you with BYOC programming or in any other area of your curriculum journey, let us know! Contact Roblyn Melton at rmelton@smcaa.org  or drjpyle@smcaa.org   Onward!