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Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit - December- 14-22

by Julie Knernschield | Dec 10, 2018

There are nine video presentations from awesome presenters on topics related to tech and solid teaching and learning, including a video from St. Louis' own Manuel Herrera.

HOW IT WORKS: New presentations are released every day from Dec. 14-22. They remain available until Dec. 31 so you can re-watch or catch up on any you’ve missed. They’re pre-recorded, so you can watch them whenever you want until Dec. 31. You also get access to over 20 videos from the previous Ditch Summits during that time. After that, the summit ends and the videos are unavailable to watch anymore.

Learn more about the conference in this video interview I recorded with the founder of the summit, Matt Miller, author of Ditch that Textbook. https://youtu.be/TWstHcYkF-k

Sign up for the digital summit at DitchSummit.com. 

The schedule for 2018 looks like this:

December 14 (Fri) -- How Students Are Using Technology to Change the World (Ken Shelton, Disruptor, Keynote Speaker, Techquity Voice)

December 15 (Sat) -- Building Relationships and Communicating with Students (Kim Bearden, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Ron Clark Academy)

December 16 (Sun) -- Six Practical Ways to Amplify Learning with Technology (Matt Miller, Head Textbook Ditcher, Ditch That Textbook)

December 17 (Mon) -- Appsmashing Your Way to Redefinition (Jornea Erwin, Head of Educator Innovation, Flipgrid)

December 18 (Tue) -- Infusing Coding in Any Class (Bryan Miller, Co-Founder, TopTechEDU, Director of Education Strategy, Wonder Workshop)

December 19 (Wed) -- Fantastic Learning Activities with Google Drawings (Tony Vincent, 5th grade teacher / LearningInHand.com)

December 20 (Thur) -- Using Visual Thinking to Unlock Powerful Learning (Manuel Herrera, doodler and visual thinker)

December 21 (Fri) -- Sparking Student Creativity and Creation with Video (Claudio Zavala, video/creativity/storytelling enthusiast)

December 22 (Sat) -- Building Habits to Be the Most Efficient, Effective You (James Clear, author of Atomic Habits)