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SMCAA Fee Schedule

District Enrollment of 149 or less                            $150

District Enrollment of 300 - 150                               $300

District Enrollment of 301 - 1,000                             $400

District Enrollment of 1,001 - 3,000                          $500

District Enrollment of 3,001 or more                        $600

Affiliate Membership                                                  $500

   SMCAA membership runs annually from July 1 - June 30

  • BYOC users must keep SMCAA membership current to qualify for the SMCAA discount for both initial purchase and renewals. Stay current by registering for membership on or before July 1 annually.
  • As part of maintaining the SMCAA member discount, multi-year BYOC subscription districts are responsible for renewing membership annually. Districts may choose to submit membership for the full term of their multi-year subscription by contacting our office at 573-635-2299.