We are happy to announce the launch of our new SMCAA logo as part of our update of our website.  Our professional profile has grown since we first launched the organization in 1998, and a new website and logo was needed to symbolize our move forward. 

 We have chosen the logo that includes a map of our wonderful state, along with the sun to symbolize the new phase of the association that we are entering.  The new colors reflect a new look for us as we move forward.  The lower-case letters are a more modern approach for our logo. 

This new look starts our 25th year as a state-wide association and the changes that we have made throughout the past few years.  We are growing as an association, with new memberships, a new staff member and new offerings for this year.  You will see this logo on everything we send out and at our events.  We also have new pens to share with our members at events with our new colors. 

Fresh New Website

Along with the logo change, we have a brand new, updated website.  The website still has the same address: www.smcaa.org , but a sleek, clean look.  The new site is now cell phone and device compatible. The layout will provide visitors with easy access to our workshop registrations, conference information, the members only site, affiliate member information and other information that we need to share.  Our workshop offerings have been updated and we are always open to provide what our membership needs.  We have also added a New Curriculum Directors Cohort to help participants feel supported and learn the functions involved in being a director.  We encourage you to browse the new website and see what we have planned for this year. 

We hope you like the new look.