2020 Winter SYMPOSIUM

 February 23 - 25
Old Kinderhook, Camdenton 

The What and How in Science, Math, Technique and Inclusion: Content Curriculum and Instruction for All Students!

Join us for a packed two days as we review the state Science assessment and how powerful curriculum and instruction in Science has been accomplished in the field.  We will provide practical breakouts sessions focused on how to support and maintain strong science teaching, pacing in instruction, proven classroom techniques, along with the official introduction to our new Foundational Algebra I Curriculum.  In addition, we will discuss how we can address expectations for our students with special needs.  This conference will provide practical information that can be used right away by both teachers and school leaders.  

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Observation and Feedback for Instructional Leaders

January 13-14, 2019

Time: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. 

Hosted By: Spring Bluff R-XV - Sullivan, Mo.

Registration Deadline: December 12, 2019
Seating Limited to 25 Participants

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This is a two-day training that goes deeper into the practices of effective instruction, instructional observation and feedback.  We will explore the researched areas of quality instruction and what to expect during short walk-through observations.  We will also discuss formal teacher evaluation and feedback and how it must look and feel differently.

In addition, we will discuss a three-step process on observation for curriculum fidelity and how you can ensure that your teachers are teaching and assessing your curriculum as written.  We will touch on formative assessment, what to look for and how discern effective use of formative assessment. 

Participants will leave with strategies and techniques that they can use the very next day. These are some of the questions that we will answer during our time together:

  • What are the types of Observation and when do I perform them?
  • How does one perform observation for curriculum fidelity?
  • What does strong instruction look like?
  • What does effective formative assessment look like during instruction?
  • What teaching behaviors are proven to have the greatest impact?
  • What is “Rigor”? What is “Quality” in teaching and learning?
  • What questions should I ask and when should I ask them?
  • What is Feedback for Impact and how do I get started?

Targeted Audience: Building Administrators and Curriculum leaders, District Administrators, Instructional Coaches, Teacher Leaders

 Winter 2020 Regional Meetings

Common Assessments:

Developing Items for Conceptual Learning Success

9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Winter Regional meetings have been added this year to support our work in the Foundational Mathematics Curriculum (FMC).  We will focus on types of common assessments that can be used to assess students progress in the learning of a standard.  We will practice creating conceptual assessment items from recall items, with a focus on academic rigor.

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