2020 Annual BYOC Users Group Meeting 

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BYOC Curriculum Leadership  

Quality curriculum is essential for having a continually improving district and for ensuring that a district is on the right path towards preparing students for the next course, grade level or life after high school.  Leadership in curriculum includes many things, including guiding teachers through the process of developing the essential parts of the curriculum and encouraging them to use what they have written.  Join us as we discuss curriculum related leadership responsibilities and how BYOC supports those responsibilities.

Jumpstart for New Administrators and Staff  

Do you have new staff members, including administrators, that have not used BYOC before?  If you do, this is the session for them.  We will do a quick introduction on how to use BYOC including the BYOC definition of curriculum, basic reports, reviewing and revising a course.  We will also have a brief discussion on lesson planning in the system.  

BYOC Reports 

This session will include an overview of reports in BYOC with a detailed look at the reports that many district leaders use regularly.  We will also review reports that teachers will find useful, including standards maps and alignment reports.

BYOC Curriculum Management

Curriculum management is made much easier within BYOC.  This session will focus on managing the BYOC tool and will include topics such as user maintenance, how to deal with new standards, key reports, lesson planning and other basic management issues. 

Not a BYOC user but are interested in learning more, please go the following link and sign up for a short introduction webinar: http://www.schoolsoftwaregroup.com/dynamic/buildyourowncurriculum/upcomingwebinars.aspx 

Interested in BYOC+, please go to the following link to sign up for an introduction webinar: http://www.schoolsoftwaregroup.com/dynamic/buildyourowncurriculum/upcomingwebinars.aspx