SMCAA Systemic Approach To Effective Curriculum Development

  Curriculum development depends on a pre-determined plan designed to include all stakeholders within a school district. A ‘reliable, sustainable, and effective’ curriculum cannot be based on a disconnected plan of attack.

Hoyle, Fenwick English, and Steffy (1994) offer four reasons a systematic approach to curriculum development is essential:

  1. To ensure continuity of instruction within a school and among schools.
  2. To ensure progressive skill development among schools through continuity of instruction.
  3. To maximize the use of student time, avoid unnecessary instructional overlaps, prevent gaps, and thereby minimize boredom and ensure mastery of curriculum.
  4. To provide a strong barrier against the problem of concentrating on one school or level of schools at the expense of the total system.
SMCAA offers long-term commitment of services to districts wanting to engage in a systematic approach to district-wide curriculum development and implementation. A district plan will be designed, in collaboration with district curriculum leaders/administrators, to accurately identify areas of strength/weakness within the system; assess and recommend professional growth needs; and develop an articulated curriculum to guide instruction.

This long-term support provides a scheduled plan for services and trainings to take curriculum beyond a well-written document and into effective implementation designed for enduring understandings.



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