Curriculum Directors' Summer Retreat
"Focus for Success"
July 22-24
The Lodge at Old Kinderhook
Camdenton, Missouri

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SMCAA Curriculum Coordinators’ Retreat is an opportunity for Curriculum Leaders to Learn – Share – Reflect! Next summer’s Retreat may be one of the most helpful PD opportunities Curriculum Leaders have ever had. The agenda will focus on ‘the challenges curriculum leaders have in developing a plan to manage the transition to new standards for all 4 Core Content Areas, while keeping alive a positive momentum for creating challenging and effective curriculum. There has perhaps never been a more important time for leaders to step up to the plate and take an aggressive hold on “What is important to do first?” Although there are changes, there are also many opportunities to examine what we have done and whether or not district curriculum is actively considering the necessary scope and sequence of learning progressions; keeping in mind as content shifts from one set of standards to the next, a plan on how to catch students who miss critical parts of a concept will be very necessary. 

In addition, participants will share plans and discuss how to deal with overwhelming responsibilities, the importance of formative assessment and effective feedback, current issues and demands; while avoiding the stress of conflict and confusion. Participants in previous CD Retreats agree that, “One of the best parts of the Retreat is the collaboration - where coordinators share differing approaches to similar challenges.” 

When I first took on the job of Curriculum Coordinator, I signed up to attend the Curriculum Director's Retreat because I felt I had to...that it was something I should do. I walked away from my first Retreat with more knowledge and confidence than I ever thought possible. My second year I  attended not because I felt I had to, but because I wanted to gain more insights. Every year since then I have attended and have never walked away disappointed. Each year I learn something new and walk away with new    contacts and lifelong friends from across the state. Each summer I look forward to the Curriculum Director's Retreat knowing my thoughts and practices will be positively challenged and knowing I will walk away  re-energized for the upcoming school year.                             
                                                                                    Al Richardson 
                                                                                    Director of Curriculum & Assessment 
                                                                                   Marshfield R-I

The Lodge at Old Kinderhook
678 Old Kinderhook Drive
Camdenton, Missouri 65020

For reservations call Old Kinderhook at 1-888-346-4949 and ask for the SMCAA CD Retreat Rate of $109.00 per night. The Group rate will be honored until July 19, 2018.


Registration: 12:00 - 1:00
Sunday: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Monday: 8:00 am - 3:30 pm
Tuesday: 8:00 am - 11:00 am

Retreat Agenda 2018

Registrations Deadline: July 19, 2018 

Member District:  $330.00 per person

Non-Member District:  $430.00 per person


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Conducting Your Own Curriculum Audit

By definition, Fenwick English describes a curriculum audit as an examination of the curriculum design and delivery system of a school or school district.

The single most important step toward change is the first one. It is the one that begins the journey. Thus, using our internal GPS, it is essential that we first determine Where We Are. This requires that we Face Our Own Reality before we begin to chart a course for ‘where we will need to go’ and ‘what we are willing to do to get there,’ if we are to reach our goal of preparing every student with the 21st century skills they will need to be ready to succeed!

This 2-Day workshop will provide Curriculum Leaders with tools to help them determine if there is congruence among the written, taught and tested curriculum in their schools; including how to conduct a Readiness Audit to determine how prepared their district is to perform the work and adjust to changes in curriculum development and instructional strategies that will need to be done over the next couple of years.

Plan to join us to learn a process for critically examining how the pieces of your curriculum fit together and how to identify ‘real challenges’ that need to be addressed so that the transition to new standards will be productive.  As we all know, just “tweaking” curriculum to align to new standards will not fix everything!!
                                                                  October 22-23
                                                                   January 14-15
                                                                      April 25-26

                                            2018 Curriculum Audit Dates Registration Form

SMCAA Headquarters – Jefferson City
9:00 am - 3:00 pm